2017 Nominations

  • Nominations for the 2017 Hamilton Independent Media Awards will open on July 7, 2017.
  • Nominations will remain open until August 31.
  • Voting on candidates in each category will commence on September 5.
  • Voting will close on November 8.
  • The 2017 Awards Gala will take place on Wednesday, November 15 in the Hamilton Room of the Hamilton Downtown Public Library

Nominees will be accepted for each of the following categories:

Best Journalist Arts and Culture

For work that deals with the arts (music, visual art, movies, dance, poetry, theatre, design, festivals, etc.)

Best Journalist Environment

For work that deals with environmental issues (sustainability, food, water, conservation, transportation, urban planning, pollution, energy, climate change, etc.)

Best Journalist Politics

For work that deals with political process, culture and decision-making at municipal, provincial, federal or international levels.

Best Journalist Social Justice and Human Rights

For work that deals with issues that affect minority populations (women, First Nations, queer, racialized immigrant) or that deal specifically with violations of human rights.

Best Journalist: Next Generation

For independent media work produced by a journalist aged 25 years and under.

Best Independent Media Outlet

Must be locally-owned and regular in its production of news, analysis and commentary (i.e. not a one-off publication or production).

Guidelines for “Best Journalist” categories

  • Journalists must be nominated based on work that has been published in an independent media source.  The HIMAs defines “independent media source” as an online, television, print, or radio source that is locally-owned, and not the subsidiary of a multi-city media consortium.  By this definition, articles published in the Hamilton Spectator are not eligible, as the Spectator is owned by the Torstar corporation, which is based in Toronto and owns multiple media outlets in several Canadian cities.  However, articles published in VIEW Magazine are eligible, as the owner of VIEW, Dynasty Communications, is based in Hamilton.
  • Journalists can self-nominate or can be nominated by others.  If you want to nominate a journalist for the Maggies, you have to have contacted the journalist and received their permission to be nominated.
  • Your nomination must include a link to the piece that you are nominating the journalist for (an article, video, or radio episode), as well as a short (1,000 characters) description of why you think the journalist deserves to win a Maggie.
  • Journalists that also work for non-local media corporations are still eligible for nomination based on work they have produced for a locally-owned media source.

Guidelines for “Best Media Outlet”

  • The media outlet must be locally-owned and based in Hamilton.
  • The media outlet must regularly produce news, analysis and commentary.  It cannot be a one-off production or publication.


All nominations will be verified by the board of the HIMAs to ensure that the nominee is eligible, and that they are aware of the nomination.The HIMAs guarantees that all nomination information will be strictly confidential. The only nomination information that will appear on the HIMAs web site is the Nominee’s name, the link to the work they are nominated for, and the rationale that the Nominator has given for the nomination. These items are necessary for voters to see the work of each Nominee, and understand the rational for their nomination.