Any resident of Greater Hamilton can vote for a journalist or media outlet that has been nominated for a Maggie. Voting will begin on September 5, and will continue until November 8. Winners will be announced at the awards show on Wednesday, November 15, at the downtown Hamilton Library. All nominees will also be acknowledged at the awards show. Winners in each category will receive a $200 cash prize.
Voters will see a list of nominees for each category. Voters will be able to cast one vote for each nomination category.
Winners in each category will be decided 50% by popular vote, and 50% by ranking from the HIMAs board. The HIMAs board will rank each nominee in each category by assigning a score out of 10 for three measures.

Quality – referring to the professionalism and skill of presentation (grammar, spelling & sentence structure for writing; editing, lighting and design for video, etc.)

Content – referring to the strength of the argument, analysis, and sources

Impact – referring to the reach of the piece, it’s impact on the community, and it’s overall importance given the time and place of it’s publication (i.e. a news piece that breaks an important municipal scandal, or that provides an important, but controversial perspective on a current event)

The HIMAs board may discuss nominees collectively, but each board member will conduct their ratings independently. Ratings for each nominee will then be aggregated and averaged. The averaged board rating will then be combined with the popular vote, calculated as a percentage between 0 and the highest number of votes in each category. For example, the journalist who receives the highest number of votes in a category would receive 100% of the popular vote rating, while a journalist who received 75% of the votes that the lead nominee did would receive 75% of the popular vote rating.


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