2015 Nominees

Best Media Outlet

Nominee: Unpack Magazine 
Link: http://iwchamilton.ca/unpack/

Nominee: VIEW Magazine 
Link: http://viewmag.com/

Nominee: Urbanicity
Link: http://urbanicity.ca/

Nominee: CFMU
Link: http://cfmu.msumcmaster.ca/

Nominee: Raise the Hammer 
Link: http://www.raisethehammer.org

Nominee: The North End Breezes
Link: http://www.northendbreezes.com/

Nominee: Cut From Steel
Link: http://www.cutfromsteel.com

Nominee: Ignite News
Link: http://www.satelliteonline.ca/

Nominee: The Silhouette
Link: http://www.thesil.ca/

Nominee: People of Hamilton
Link: http://peopleofhamilton.com/

Winner – People of Hamilton

Best Journalist – Arts and Culture

Nominee: Kristen Archer (I Heart Hamilton)
Link: http://ihearthamilton.ca/

Nominee: Kevin Barber (Barber Shop Podcast)
Link: www.barbershoppodcast.com

Nominee: Biljana Njegovan (Cut From Steel)
Link: http://cutfromsteel.com/

Nominee: Chase March (Chase March)
Link: www.chasemarch.com

Nominee: Rosemary Baptista (The Weekly Mosaic, CFMU) 
Link: http://cfmu.msumcmaster.ca/

Nominee: Cody Lanktree (Hearts documentary) 
Link: http://hamiltonseen.com/32/

Nominee: Thomas Allan (Rebuild Hamilton) 
Link: http://rebuildhamilton.com/

Nominee: Rick Taylor (Hamilton Music Notes, VIEW Magazine) 
Link: http://viewmag.com

Winner – Thomas Allan

Best Journalist – Social Justice and Human Rights

Nominee: Cody Lanktree (Harperman documentary)
Link: http://harpermanmovie.ca/

Nominee: Denise Christopherson (Urbanicity)
Link: http://urbanicity.ca/2015/10/when-we-fail-to-recognize-women-leaders-we-fail-our-citys-future/

Nominee: Michelle Both (Unpack Magazine) 
Link: http://iwchamilton.ca/unpack/not-for-rent-how-racism-has-created-two-tiered-housing/

Nominee: Jaydene Lavallie (Animal Voices, CFMU) 
Link: http://vimeo.com/101624997

Nominee: Samuel Bonilla (Latin American Program, CFMU) 
Link: http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca/ (https://soundcloud.com/jessica-yetpmadallinob/ayotzinapa-to-hamilton-radio-interview)

Nominee: Brendan Stone (Unusual Sources, CFMU) 
Link: http://www.hamiltoncoalitiontostopthewar.ca/Radio.htm

Winner – Cody Lanktree

Best Journalist – Environment

Nominee: Michael Nabert (Social Media)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/michael.nabert.knows/photos_all

Nominee: Don MacLean (Citizens at City Hall, VIEW Magazine) 
Link: http://viewmag.com

Nominee: Cam Goede (Dundas Valley Outdoors)
Link: http://dundasoutdoors.blogspot.ca/

Winner – Cam Goede

Best Journalist – Politics

Nominee: Joey Coleman (The Public Record)
Link: https://www.thepublicrecord.ca/

Nominee: Cody Lanktree (The Push documentary) 
Link: http://hamiltonseen.com/the-push/

Nominee: Michael Terry (VIEW Magazine) 
Link: http://viewmag.com/

Nominee: Brendan Stone – Unsusal Sources (CFMU) 
Link: http://www.hamiltoncoalitiontostopthewar.ca/Radio.htm

Winner – Joey Coleman


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